What is that noise coming from my computer?

There is no doubt that computers help us in many ways, but that does not change the fact that they are prone to defects. Some of those defects are evidenced by noise that is generated from them. However, not all noises convey a serious problem or dysfunction that cannot be handled, and some of the problems resulting in the unusual noise are easy to troubleshoot.

What is that noise coming from my computer?

For someone who is not used to some of these noises, it can be quite hard trying to decipher what their meaning could be. Some noises are short while others are persistent, and they usually when the computer is switched on. So what are the causes of some of those noises coming from your computer? Let us look at some of them.

Fans attached to the computer case

Sounds can come from a power supply fan or the CPU fan also known as the heat sink. Such noises could be caused by disarranged coiling of cables surrounding the fan or even the accumulation of dust around them. When any of these fans produce clicking noises or sounds that that are higher pitched than normal, it could be an indication of an abnormality. In this case, you should have the fans checked to determine if they have failed or are in the process of failing.

CD-ROM drive

Normally, the CD-ROM drive, or any other disc drive for that matter, produces a soft whirring noise when in use. If the noise emanating from the dic drive sounds like clicking sounds or any other noise even when there is no activity in the disc drive, it could be an indication of a malfunction that needs to be looked at.

What is that noise coming from my computer?

Speakers and monitors

Speakers and monitors are other parts of a computer that can generate unusual clicking sounds. These are not normal either, and for that reason you should have them checked and fixed.

Powering issues

These noises can be heard while shutting off your computer or when powering it on. This could be an indication that other parts, such as the power supply, are not connected well. If that is not the issue, then maybe it is time to upgrade your power supply or motherboard, since it is an indication that they are worn out.

The hard drive

It is normal for hard drives to make a quiet sound. However, you should be worried if the noise becomes harsher than normal, because it could signify that the hard drive is about to malfunction, or that it is already breaking down. It is therefore important to have your data or work backed up somewhere else, so that in case your hard disk crashes, you will not lose all of your data.

As indicated earlier, some of these noises are not serious, and they can be easily fixed so you can get back to working with your computer. However, it is not advisable to ignore such noises and write them off with the hope that the computer will return to normalcy. The earlier it is diagnosed and fixed, the better.