How Star Trek influenced geek culture

Star Trek has been among the most astounding sci-fi franchises for over 50 years now. It was first aired in 1966 as a TV series. Star Trek revealed a fictional world filled with mind-blowing technology and an array of alien races and planets. It is indeed a futuristic show, as some of its technologies have actually been made real.

Star trek has gathered millions of fans all over the world with its comics, TV series, and movies. It has influenced geek culture a great deal because of its diversity and amazing fictional universe. To further expand on how Star Trek has influenced geek culture, we will look at what this franchise has aimed to explore that has drawn so many die-hard fans.

How Star Trek influenced geek culture

The alien races

Star Trek features quite a number of alien races. These aliens have different abilities, skills, appearances, intelligence, and behaviors. Some of the most popular alien races include:

-The Klingons. They are perhaps the most iconic alien race in the Star Trek universe. They have amazing armor and ships. They are known to be enemies of the Federation but sometimes feature as their friend.

-The Vulcans. The Vulcans include the likes of Spock and Tuvok. They are an intelligent and strong race of aliens. They are known to be very rational and make well calculated decisions.

There are also other interesting alien races worth mentioning such as the Borg, the Medusans, the Orions, the Cardassians, the Tholians, and the Gorns. These alien races provide fans with a lot to talk about and have made their mark on geek culture.

The planets

All the above mentioned aliens have their own planets. The phrase, “To boldly go where no man has gone before,” is very popular in the Star Trek franchise. The Federation’s main aim is to explore various planets, both inhabited on uninhabited. They try to find new civilizations and research the components of these planets. They are also on a peace initiative mission.

How Star Trek influenced geek culture

Fans of the franchise are brought together to talk about the different planets and their features. Some well-known planets in the franchise include Kronos, Vulcan, Nibiru, Orion, and Risa.

The ships

Star Trek has some really cool ships. Fans are usually fascinated by them, and what they can do. They look at the designs, speed, and weaponry. Star Trek always aims at making them unique, while also trying to stick to their original versions from the first series. Some ships in the franchise with great weapons and beautiful designs include The Sovereign, the Columbia class, USS Titan, the Nova class, the Voyager, and the Akira class.

The technology

The first and original Star Trek series brought some mind-boggling technology into sight. Such technological advancement was thought to be impossible and fictitious at the time. Star Trek brought in ideas such as cell phones, as they used communication devices to talk to the members of the crew on different planets. Some of the medical devices used to diagnose patients in Star Trek have become possible now, and translators are being used today to interpret different languages.