Visit the real life Gotham City in Abu Dhabi

If you love Gotham City, then you should definitely make plans to visit the amazing theme park that opened its gates to visitors during the summer of 2018 in Abu Dhabi. Get ready to enjoy thrill rides, legendary characters and one of a kind experience in this amazing Gotham City theme park in Abu Dhabi!

The theme park

When you visit this park, you’ll have the opportunity to walk down the streets of Batman’s home city, alongside famous super villains, like the Riddler, the Catwoman, the Joker and many more. The area will feature various interactive experiences, like impressive rides, attractions, new themed restaurants, and great memorabilia shops – all inspired by the stories and characters of the books and movies. The park will be built indoors and you will have the chance to see all sorts of incredible attractions.

Visit the real life Gotham City in Abu Dhabi

Walk around the Caped Crusader’s home town

You’ll get the chance to watch some of your favorite characters as they roam the streets of Gotham City. For example, you’ll be able to watch up close as Harley Quinn and Catwoman look for their next victims. You will be able to interact with your preferred characters from the comics and you will also have the chance to visit some amazing thematic stores that will be scattered all over the city.

Climb aboard the Batmobile

This ride is an incredible, dark ride, with sudden climbs, spins, and rolls, where you can have an amazing time with your family and friends. On this ride you will also have a chance to step through a secret passage at Wayne Tech headquarters, where you will have the chance to be recruited as a test pilot for urban patrol vehicles. Get ready for a thrilling experience when you visit this theme park and are able to ride the patrol vehicle over rooftops and caves.

Visit the Scarecrow Scare Raid

If you like flying experiences, you should definitely hop aboard the Scarecrow Scare Raid. It’s an extraordinary ride, that is build in order to make you dizzy. It features some spinning maneuvers, as well as dramatic aerobatics, and whirlwind rolls for an unforgettable experience.

Visit the real life Gotham City in Abu Dhabi

Go to the Riddler Roller Coaster & Fun Houses

If you visit Gotham City, you will also have the chance to visit the Rock n Roller Coaster which is designed by the Riddler himself. Or you can go to see the Joker’s Funhouse, which features a series of challenges, like a shrinking corridor, a hall of mirrors, a hallucination hallway, an incredible labyrinth, and amazing moving carpets among other puzzling games. Moreover, you’ll also be able to take part in some games at Rogues Gallery Games.

Enjoy dinner at the Hall of Doom

Hidden in an abandoned subway station, the Hall of Doom is especially designed for those who prefer living on the other side of the law. Here you can eat your dinner and then you can head to Mr. Freeze’s Ice Scream Truck for a dessert of superb ice cream.

The new theme park created by Warner Bros. in Abu Dhabi will thrill you with its unique attractions, immersive lands, and crazy characters.