Famous actors who are self-proclaimed geeks

Super hot and super cool, the silver screen has us head over heels for some of our beloved actors and actresses. But, these are fictional movies after all, and what we see on screen, is not the reality of who these stars really are. At the end of the day, they are regular people, just like us. It might surprise some even further to know that some really famous actors are self-proclaimed geeks! Let’s find out who.

Vin Diesel

With so many things to be geeky over, who could have guessed that this hunk of a star from The Fast and The Furious franchise would be heavily into Dungeons and Dragons. Diesel has been playing D&D since he was a little tyke and has never kicked the habit. Take a peek at the “Geek & Sundry’s” online show to catch Diesel in action while he plays under his alias of “Kaulder.”

Famous actors who are self-proclaimed geeks

Mila Kunis

While she has starred in many major roles, intense online gaming with World of Warcraft under the alias “Captainpicard” is what Mila Kunis is famously geeky for. The topic comes up in many of her interviews and she even mentions giving it all up in 2012 because it was taking over her life. Since leaving the online gaming scene, Kunis has taken up the board game “Settlers of Catan” to occupy some of her time while she isn’t filming. The geeky force is strong with this one!

Olivia Munn

She has been a hardcore gamer since the tender age of eight years old. Starting out on PCs and even occasionally taking them apart only to rebuild them. These days, however, Olivia Munn is more of an Xbox kinda gal. But it’s not just gaming that this Hollywood star is into. Olivia is captivated by just about anything tech-related. She has even had her entire home converted into a smart home, with all the bells, whistles, and gadgets.

Nicolas Cage

Who could have guessed that this Hollywood superstar would be so consumed by the geeky world of comic books? Before his rise to fame, Nicolas changed his surname from Coppola to Cage after the superhero “Luke Cage.” Moving forward into Cage’s life sees the birth of one of his sons and the given name of “Kel-El,” Superman’s birth name. But the real cruncher comes in the form of his own projects. Cage has his own comic book series called “Voodoo Child” and has reportedly made over $3 million in sales from his Marvel and DC first edition collections.

Famous actors who are self-proclaimed geeks

Daniel Radcliffe

While it’s a no brainer that the Harry Potter superstar is a fan of the geeky world of wizards, many don’t know that Radcliffe is also a major Star Wars fanatic. He admits coming onto the Star Wars scene a little late in the game due to his intense childhood of filming the Harry Potter movies, but that hasn’t made a difference to how he feels about them. Radcliffe reportedly found his way onto the set of The Force Awakens in 2015 to meet J.J. Abrams and Harrison Ford. He seemingly enjoys anything to do with Star Wars, even the occasional cosplay.

It’s always great to have a glimpse into the everyday lives of our favorite celebs, and this was no exception. It’s nice to know that maybe, just maybe, we could actually be online gaming with a star.